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Wisdom of Mother Earth

The Q’ero Indians in the high Andes of Peru have preserved the spiritual tradition of the Inkas in a very pure form for more than 500 years. Even today, they live and practice these ancient teachings on wisdom, which owe the knowledge they impart about the effects of energies and the interaction of the cosmos, earth, humans, and all other living beings to intensive observations of nature.

Interview with Elizabeth Jenkins. She speaks about the Inka tradition and how it transformed her life

For the Q'eros a deep connection with nature is essential for living a contented, harmonious, and self-determined life. Receive a thorough and intensive introduction into the Inka tradition from a female and very practice-oriented perspective.



Who should attend

This 5-day seminar is intended both for people who want to learn the basics of the Inka tradition and for current practitioners who have completed an introduction with other teachers and would like to get to know these teachings from a completely different, namely playful and hands-on angle, as taught by a very experienced teacher of the Inka tradition. 

Workshop details

The seminar includes a great number of theoretical and practical sessions that deal with the following topics, among others:

  • Learn basic history of the Inka culture and the Qoya lineages and the Prophecies
  • Learn and deepen our 7 basic practices--Drinking the Nectars of Nature
    + saminchakuy, saywachakuy, hoocha mikchuy (and advanced practice)
    + yananchakuy, masachakuy (and advanced practice)
    + weaving and working with your energetic belts 
    + how to grow your potential by watering, germinating and flowering your inner seed
  • Understanding our human-nature identity
    + dealing with our spiritual godparents (itu apu and paqarina) as well as with our guiding star
  • The work with the energy bundle (mesa), the power objects (khuyas) and the prayers that open them
    Elizabeth discovered that the Q'ero mesa is begun, developed and completed after 12 so-called Sapa Qarpays. This involves a Paqo choosing his twelve nature being helpers from the mountains, springs, lakes, rivers, hills, caves, surrounding his residence and making solo pilgrimages to them to form his Mama Kaipe (mother bundle), the actual Quechua name for the mesa
  • Hiwariqui: Offerings, despachos of the indiginous people of the high Andes
    Receive information about the basic format for making an offering. Elizabeth will give a basic history of how, when and why the Q'eros make offerings in the ceremonial cycle of the year in their villages.
  • Ñust'as: The princesses of Mother Nature
    Learn about the different female beings, from the ayllu, llaqta, suyu and teqse ñusta to the erke, sipas, warmi and qoya ñust'a - and how to call them Mama Kuiychi (Mother Rainbow), the ultimate ñust'a karpay

Participants will also learn how to...

  • recharge their energy field and gain new powers and strength
  • simply "eat and digest" wearing emotions such as anger, stress, frustration or worry (their own and those of others), in order to make room for growth, success, and development
  • cope with difficult situations and receive and offer support - not only on an intellectual, but also on an energetic level

Elizabeth Jenkins teaches how to connect with the living energy of the universe (kausay pacha) to strengthen yourself, family members, friends, colleagues or employees and increase your own personal as well as collective success. All these powerful exercises that can be integrated easily and quickly into everyday life and can be applied practically in meetings, on the phone, in the car, or in conversations, for example.

So, in these 5 days you will earn howto implement the wisdom and exercises of the Inkas in your everyday life. 

This spiritual art teaches people to utilize the living energy of the universe to grow, recognize and tap into their own potential, and thus live a life that is in line with their own wishes and ideas. The Inka tradition, therefore, is a path to personal autonomy as well as to physical and mental health.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jenkins, a U.S. American psychologist, has acquired her knowledge and her experience from various teachers over the course of 30 years. She has been working directly with Q'ero elders and has published three books on this subject describing her experiences to date.

Her natural liveliness allows her to act as a bridge between the tradition of the high Andes of Peru and our modern life in the West. Therefor, her workshops always focus on practical exercises and techniques used in the Inkan art of healing. She has a wonderful way of explaining and letting people understand why this tradition is called "nature mysticism". 


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