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Inka-World is a platform for conveying the knowledge and skills of the ancient Inkas to allow you to connect with the world of living energy and thus enter into a state of perfect harmony with yourself and your environment. Here you will find the course offers of experts in and teachers of this spiritual tradition, such as Juan Núñez del Prado, Ivan Núñez del Prado, Elizabeth Jenkins, Americo Yabar and his son Gayle Yabar, and Hans-Martin Beck.

Each of these teachers lives and conveys the knowledge of the Inka tradition in his or her personal way, but they all share a deep understanding and the ability to perform energy work, which they have learned from the descendants of the Inkas, the Q'eros. They all offer authentic and original knowledge along with the exercises as they have been passed down from the masters of the Inka tradition for generations. All of these teachers perform initiations for the fourth level of consciousness, the highest level currently achievable.


Juan Núñez del Prado
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Ivan Núñez del Prado
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Hans-Martin Beck
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Elizabeth Jenkins
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Inka Path 4 19.10.18 - 21.10.18 DE – 38644 Goslar Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 450,- €

2-days master class in the Andean tradition with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado. This course teaches tools from the Qayahuaya tradition in Bolivia as well as advanced healing techniques. It also gives an overview over modern astronomy as well as C. G. Jung's psychology and connects both with today's Inka tradition. 

Meeting with the Mountains 22.06.19 - 27.06.19 The Alpes Juan Núñez del Prado, Hans-Martin Beck 1380,- €
1280,- €

Practioners of the Inka tradition from all over the world gather in the Alps to connect with Mother Nature and the spirits of the mountains, glaciers & power places. Their goal is to development themselves and help others to do the same. Non-practitioners welcome!