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Spiritual journeys

Initiation means that an outsider is welcomed into a community or that a person rises to a higher level of consciousness. Examples include the transition from adolescence to adulthood or from the interested layman to a practitioner of the Inka religion.

An initiation always follows a clear, usually traditional rite – also in the Inka tradition. The initiation and thus the inclusion into the circle of people around the world who practice this beautiful form of spirituality takes place either as part of a workshop or during a spiritual journey, or Hatun Karpay.

Hatun Karpay – The Great Initiation

Hatun Karpay means “Great Initiation” or “Great Transformation” and is a 10-day spiritual journey into the heart of the ancient Inka culture. It consists of a cycle of initiations and rites that help the participants to train their spirituality and to discover and develop their personal power and their unique potential. A spiritual journey like Hatun Karpay not only includes breathtaking scenery but is also a kind of "learning-by-doing" workshop in which the great techniques and tools of the Inka religion are taught and powerful initiations are performed. The exercises learned can then be practiced and applied in everyday life.

The Hatun Karpay can be experienced as a part of two different journeys:

  • The Hatun Karpay (right path) = discovery of your own potential and power
  • The Hatun Karpay (left path) = realization of this potential, obstacles are removed by way of energy work

The difference between the two journeys consists not only in their respective focuses but also in the different sites and places of power that are visited.

Hatun Karpay in Peru and Europe

The Hatun Karpay takes place not only at historical and sacred sites in Peru, but also at great locations in Europe. Numerous places of power and temples of ancient cultures can be found in England, Italy, and the Netherlands, in which the mysteries of the Earth and the knowledge of the ancestors are preserved.

Places such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey, the Holy Forest of Bomarzo, and the Etruscan tombs of San Sebastian give off a strong energy that is as intensely palpable as the energy at known places of power of the Inkas. These are places where it is easy to explore your innermost self and to learn what is important for your own growth and personal development.

Magical Peru 01.08.18 - 13.08.18 PE - Cusco, Machu Picchu, Titicacasee Hans-Martin Beck 2.590,- €


This 13 days spiritual journey to Peru is more than a normal holiday: It's a study trip, an adventure and a seminar with the potential to bring healing on many levels as well as life-changing experiences. 


Hatun Karpay (right side) 26.08.18 - 05.09.18 PE - Cusco Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 2.990,- €

Hatun Karpay means "Great Initiation" or "Great Transformation. It describes a series of initiations and initiation experiences as practiced by the Inkas for many centuries to awaken once's perception for energies and strengthen once's personal power and abilities.

Hatun Karpay (left side) 15.09.18 - 25.09.18 PE - Cusco Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 2.990,- €

The Hatun Karpay („Great Transformation“ or "Great Initiaton") is a spiritual journey into the heart of the Inka Empire and the Inka tradition. The left side focuses on the female aspects of the process of development of the human consciousness and takes place at famous power places such as Machu Picchu, Moray or the Wiraqocha temple.