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Spiritual journeys in Italy

The Hatun Karpay Italy is a 7-day spiritual journey in Tuscany, which uses the elements of the Inka religion and the ancient Inka culture at ancient Etruscan sites and places of power. The Hatun Karpay is an ancient, powerful Inkan journey of initiation, which translated means something like "Great Initiation" or "Great Transformation." The Hatun Karpay in Peru and the Hatun Karpay in Italy consist of a cycle of initiations and rites that help participants to hone their spirituality and to discover and develop their personal power and unique potential.

The Hatun Karpay Italy takes place just once a year. At all sites you visit as part of the journey you will find the same, fine quality of energy as at the places of power in Peru, so that neither spiritual journey is inferior in any way.

The Q'eros have an expression for this: Ranti. This means "equivalent" or "counterpart" and expresses the notion that two different things can have the same energetic quality, regardless of their external characteristics.