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Meeting with the Mountains

This 6-day trip to the Alps in Austria and Germany consists of a series of ceremonies, initiations and rituals that have been carried out for centuries by the Inkas in Peru.
The two masters, Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan, will provide a lot of background information regarding the spiritual tradition of the high Andes and they will connect you with the living spirituality of the mountain world.
This MEETING WITH THE MOUNTAINS is based on the so-called Hatun Karpay in Peru, which translates as "great transformation" or "transmission of power" - and this is exactly what you're going to experience.

Powerful energy work in the Alps

Mountains, no matter where, have a very special task, as they transmit the living energy of the cosmos to the people. Therefor we will work intensively with Mt. Großglockner (Austria's highest mountain) and Mt. Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain) as well as with Mt. Watzmann and the legendary Mt. Untersberg in order to gain power and guidance.

Mt. Zugspitze & Mt. Grossglockner: two of many experiences

The energy of a small sanctuary will help us strengthen our connection with the female energy. In a large underground cave, we let go of our fears and worries, while we connect in a salt mine with Mother Earth to gain access to our personal treasures.
The Eagle's Nest on top of Mt. Obersalzberg offers the perfect environment to work intensively with the inner and upper world. There we will practice WAÑUY and re-enter this world as children of Pachamama and the Great Father.

In touch with Mother Nature

During the entire journey, you will contact powerful spirits, connect with the energies of old energy and work energetically with great personalities of our European history.
You will learn from ancient myths and legends of the mountains and apply simple mental exercises of the Inkas to help cleanse the collective unconscious.
MEETING WITH THE MOUNTAINS is led Juan Núñez del Prado, his son Ivan, Elke Steinbach and Hans-Martin Beck. During this trip there is a lot of time to get to know the two masters from Peru from their personal side. 
Everybody is welcome, regardless of whether you know the Inka tradition, make other energy work or are at the beginning of your spiritual path.

Itinerary and highlights

JUNE 8th, 2018 | Germany
After leaving our starting point in Sauerlach, Germany, we will drive to the lake Forggensee and will make a first connection to the Apus and Ñustas – the male and female spirits of the mountains and the waters. Also, we will connect to King Ludwig II of Bavaria. This is the first trip to our inner world.

At the Lechfall, we will intensify our work with the spirits and we will hear about our first legend at the Magnustritt. We will conclude the day by visiting and working with the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze. We will stay in a hotel in Austria at the foot of this amazing mountain.


JUNE 9th, 2018 | Austria
Visiting a small pilgrimage chapel, we will connect to the female energy and our power to love, to show empathy, and to share. We will be supported by a great power to which we will connect while listerning to another intriguing legend of the Alps.

The next station of the day will be the cave Lamprechtshöhle. Inside, we will walk for around 700 metres to manage 70 metres altitude on well-fixated stairs and paths. When reaching the highest platform, we will be able to clearly feel the vivid power of Mother Earth. She will help us to let go our greatest fears. Afterwards, we will appreciate the breath-taking view into the depth of this cave. We will stay in a hotel in Berchtesgaden, Germany.


JUNE 10th, 2018 | Austria
On our way to the Falkenstein chapel, we will perfom a typical ritual of the Inkas to let go of all our heavy energy and give it to Pachamama, step by step. When reaching our destination, we will connect to another legend of the mountains which teaches us how to grow our personal power.

In the afternoon, we'll visit one of the largest and longest canyons of the Alps where we connect to the energy of the mountains and of the water. We will stay in a hotel in Berchtesgaden, Germany.


JUNE 11th, 2018 | Germany
The legendary Eagles Nest has been built around 80 years ago on the mountain Obersalzberg. We will use its architecture as well as the energy of this mountain to perform a powerful Inka exercise which connects us to our inner world and subsequently to the upper world. On a clear day we can enjoy the fantastic view and the beauty of the alpine mountain world.

Later, we will enter a salt mine and work with our Inka seed which carries all our human potential. With this type of work we can connect to qualities which are of great importance for the growth of our consciousness. We will stay in a hotel in Berchtesgaden, Germany.


JUNE 12th, 2018 | Austria
We will connect to water and to another alpine legend at a powerful waterfall, the Jungfernsprung (virgin’s waterfall). We will learn how to adapt new capabilities to master the challenges of life.

At the highest mountain of Austria, Mt. Grossglockner, we will perform a common ritual together with the spirits of the mountains to foster the future and the well-being of the whole of Europe.

Then, we will return to our hotel in Berchtesgaden, Germany for a final dinner and the last night of the trip.


JUNE 13th, 2018 | Austria

The legend says that Charlemagne, who was already trying to unify Europe 1,200 years ago, is sleeping inside Mt. Untersberg. Together in the group, and everyone on their own will honour him Inka style – using the energy we have created the day before on Mt. Grossglockner.

Then, we will leave the border region of Germany and Austria to perform our last exercise visiting the black Madonna in Altötting. We will connect one last time with a legend and the healing power of our great mother.

On the early afternoon, we will make our way back to the starting point of our journey in Sauerlach, Germany. The MEETING WITH THE MOUNTAINS will end here.


Please note: Sequence and content of the MEETING WITH THE MOUNTAINS (Hatun Karpay Alps) as described here may change due to unforeseeable weather conditions or any other factors which cannot be planned for.


Important notes

  • There is no special knowledge or training required to participate in this journey. The sequence and background information to all exercises will be explained in German and English language.

  • This study trip will partly lead us to the high Alps where it might be as cold as 0° to 5°C or where it still may have some snow. Please make sure you bring warm and water resistant clothes.

  • Other parts of the journey will make us walk through forests or climb some smaller hills. The paths might be slippery when raining. So, please bring sturdy shoes – sneakers will not be enough for some of the trips.

  • Your physical condition should enable you to easily walk for around one hour at a stretch.

  • Unfortunately because of the characteristic of the locations, the Hatun Karpay Alps is not practical for wheel chairs.

  • Due to unforeseeable weather conditions or any other factors which cannot be planned for, we might change the sequence and content of the Hatun Karpay Alps as it is described here.

  • Further details about our meeting point, your arrival and departure possibilities as well as included and excluded services can be derived from the white box in the right side frame on top of this page. Please click on the topic “travel information”. 

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