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Magical Peru

You may call this spiritual journey study trip, expedition, seminar or adventure – or all at the same time. As we dive deep into the heart of the ancient Inka culture we will experience Peru as pilgrims and practitioners of the spiritual tradition of the high Andes. 

What's so unique about this trip is that you will not only receive insights into the spiritual wisdom of the Inkas but also perform powerful exercises, receive authentic initations and feel totally connected with the sacred power places.

Part 1 of the journey will take you from Cusco and the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, in part 2 you'll discover the Inka tradition in a natural way in the midst of the high Andes around 4,700m.
You may book both parts of the trip together or separately acc. to your time and budget. Magical Peru is certainly more than a "normal" holiday: it is a seminary-type spiritual study trip with the potential to bring healing and change your life.


Part 1: Aug 1-13, 2019

Discover your inner potential

You will visit numerous ancient power places around Cusco as well as the sacred valley, experience Machu Picchu over two days, spend the night on the beautiful island of Amantani in the middle of the Titicaca lake and feel enchanted by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people.

Many intensive encounters with indigenous masters, the energetic work at ancient power places, practicing spiritual exercises as well as many initiations, ceremonies and rituals allow unique opportunities to gain authentic impressions of the culture, the land and the people first-hand.

All of these experiences along with exercises you will learn help you to germinate and grow your Inka Seed (figuratively speaking your full potential) so that you gain the power to fully develop your inner potential from within.


Part 2: Aug 15-19, 2019

Energy work in the midst of the high Andes

In the second part of the journey you'll visit the high Andes of Peru and especially the sacred mountain Ausangate. He plays a very special role for the indigenous people around Cusco, as he is one of the protector mountains of the country. Like a shepherd looking after his sheep, Ausangate watches over the people of Peru.

This adventure trip takes you to 4,700m altitude. From the small town of Pacchanta we'll first go to the lakes Azul Qocha and Otorongo Qocha, from there over the pass Pukha Punta to the Rainbow Mountain (the mountain of the seven colors), and finally back to Cusco.

Important to know: During this journey we are carried by good-natured horses. You do not have to be able to ride, just let yourself be guided and keep your balance. We'll spend the night in tents and are accompanied by an experienced mountain guide, a cook and numerous helpers who do most of the work for us.

Look forward to a rugged and spectacular natural landscape that provides the perfect setting for experiencing the indigenous spirituality of the high Andes in a natural and original way.
You'll work intensively with Inka priests, who accompany us throughout the journey, receive initiations and participate in ceremonies and energetic cleansings. Learn the knowledge of the Inkas first-hand! Everything is possible in these five days to fuel your spiritual growth. Everything can happen and a lot will happen.

For people with severe obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure or respiratory problems, this second part in the high Ades is not suitable.



Helga : My husband and I, being almost 65 years old, we really enjoyed this journey. Everything was planned nicely and we were taken care of in a wonderful way. Even though we have travelled a lot in the past 20 years and have seen most of the world - I think this was one of the best journeys we ever participated in. Thank you, Hans-Martin and Elke, for this amazing experience. I really recommend this journey to everyone who is interested in Peru and its religion.

MahinurI would like to thank you very much and all those who were there and have helped to shape this unforgettable trip. I often think of the details of the beautiful journey, and behold, I have tears in my eyes again. For me it was like a pilgrimage - and more...

Helmut: Now, being back home I must admit we're thinking about these wonderful experiences in Peru almost every day. We would like to thank you both once again for your loving tour guidance. Every day of the trip was a very special day.

Christoff: I must say that this was the most beautiful holiday I've had with my 50 years...


About the organisers


This journey is organized by Hans-Martin Beck and his wife Elke Steinbach.

For several years, they have been passing on their knowledge in seminars and training courses, running workshops with teachers from Peru and the USA, organising spiritual trips to Peru and regularly inviting high-level Q'ero priests (the indigenous descendants of the Inkas) to Europe.

In 2015, the book “The spiritual knowledge of the Inkas” was published, which Hans-Martin wrote together with Jennie Appel and which has been published by Schirner, Darmstadt.

Hans-Martin and Elke will be supported on this journey by Fredy, a tour guide and friend who lives in Cusco and combines both cultures - the western and the indigenous. Fredy is an experienced mountain guide who practises the Inka spirituality with all his heart and is well connected in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. He speaks Qechua, Spanish and English.
You'll find more videos with Hans-Martin, Q'ero masters and the Inka tradition on Inka World's Youtube channel here.


01.08.2019 - 13.08.2019
PE - Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca
fee 2.650,- €
Part 1

Inka Path 1-318.10.2019 - 23.10.2019
DE – 38644 Goslar
fees from 350 €

15.08.2019 - 20.08.2019
registration deadline: 08.08.2019
PE - Ausangate, High Andes
fee 1.390,- €
Part 2

Inka Path 1-318.10.2019 - 23.10.2019
DE – 38644 Goslar
fees from 350 €

new date to be announced