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Ivan Núñez del Prado


Ivan Núñez del Prado is the son of Juan Núñez del Prado and has been working with him for many years. Like his father, he found himself drawn to the Inka religion, the Inka culture, and the Andean worldview because of the living energies - and is still under their spell today.

He received his first initiation at the age of seven at the Festival of Qoyllur Rit'i. Later, he became a member of the Catholic Easter Movement, practiced Sufism, and participated in meeting of Presbytarian Easter groups in Cusco.

In 1991 he received the initiation into the 4th level of consciousness, called Karpay Ayni. The following year, he took part for the first time in the spiritual journey to the Inkas' ancient places of power, in the Hatun Karpay.

Ivan Núñez del Prado organized the first meeting of the Inka religion and the Andean tradition with Tibetan Buddhism with the help of Lama Lopön Chechoo Rinpoche (Karma Kajyu). Having completed many different initiations with great masters of different traditions, he now teaches his knowledge to groups in Europe and the U.S. which are interested in the ancient knowledge of the Inkas, the Inka religion, and the Inka culture. 




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Ivan Núñez del Prado
Inka Path 1-3 18.10.19 - 23.10.19 DE – 38644 Goslar Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 350,- €
315,- €

This workshop provides you with a deep understanding of the Inka traditon, experienced masters train powerful tools and techniques for clarity, self-healing and a strong connection with life. This course contains many pactices as well as theoretical elements and works as "Do-It-Yourself" guidance.

Inka Path 4 24.10.19 - 25.10.19 DE – 38644 Goslar Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 450,- €
405,- €

Master class in the Andean tradition with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado. This course teaches tools from the Qayahuaya tradition in Bolivia as well as advanced healing techniques. It also gives an overview over modern astronomy as well as C. G. Jung's psychology and connects both with today's Inka tradition.