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Introduction to the Inka tradition

The introductory workshops to the Inka tradition offer a good mix of theoretical background information and practical exercises for connecting with the world of living energies and harmonizing your energy field. After a short time, you will experience for yourself how helpful the old but simple techniques and tools are and notice how much lighter you feel - freed from anything that was weighing on you. In addition, you will learn about the ancient spiritual wisdom and healing arts of the Inkas.

All of our teachers have learned from the old masters of this tradition and pass on their original knowledge of the last centuries in an authentic manner. Courses are offered by teachers such as Juan Núñez del Prado, his son Ivan Núñez del Prado, Elizabeth Jenkins, Hans-Martin Beck, and also Americo Yabar and his son Gayle Yabar. Although each of these teachers passes on the knowledge in a different way, all courses have one thing in common: They are an introduction to the Inka religion and provide a deep insight into the Inka culture as well as its energy work and healing arts.


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Einführung in die Inka-Religion
Inka Path 1-3 18.10.19 - 23.10.19 DE – 38644 Goslar Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 350,- €
315,- €

This workshop provides you with a deep understanding of the Inka traditon, experienced masters train powerful tools and techniques for clarity, self-healing and a strong connection with life. This course contains many pactices as well as theoretical elements and works as "Do-It-Yourself" guidance.

Inka Path 4 24.10.19 - 25.10.19 DE – 38644 Goslar Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado 450,- €
405,- €

Master class in the Andean tradition with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado. This course teaches tools from the Qayahuaya tradition in Bolivia as well as advanced healing techniques. It also gives an overview over modern astronomy as well as C. G. Jung's psychology and connects both with today's Inka tradition.