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Inkas, Mayans and Aztecs

During its heyday in the first third of the 16th century, the Inkan Empire stretched across the present-day areas of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and parts of Columbia, Chile, and Argentina. The Inkas lived at the same time as the Mayans and Aztecs; from an anthropological point of view there is no evidence, however, the Inkas and Mayans or the Inkas and Aztecs ever met.

The Mayans lived in the area of Yucatán in the south and southeast of Mexico and in some parts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, while the Aztecs were based in central Mexico.

Juan Núñez del Prado, professor of anthropology and expert on the Inka culture, is convinced that the Inka – had the succession to the throne been achieved in an orderly fashion under their last emperor, Wayna Qhapaq – would have conquered the whole territory of present-day South and Central America within the next two generations, due to their immense desire for expansion, their almost infinite resources, and not least their strong diplomatic skills.