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Inka Path 1-3

This Inka Path workshop teaches the spiritual wisdom of the Inkas in a very compressed and compact way. Juan Núñez del Prado received the knowledge of this tradition from indigenous masters (so-called alto mesayoqs) over many years in a continuous exchange and is considered today one of the world's most renowned teachers of this tradition.
Juan and his son Ivan introduce participants to the cosmovision of the Inkas, teach a lot of exercises which are mostly performed mentally, give powerful initiations as well as important clues and explanations.
The Inka Paths 1-3 teach tools and techniques for clarity, self-healing and a strong connection with life. Therefor the course may also works as "Do-It-Yourself" guidance. These six days are subdivided into three modules, all modules are built on one another in content and can be booked separately or together as one course. 


Inka Path 1

The right side of the Inka path is characterized by its structured nature and order and is concerned with knowledge of the living energy of the universe and our place in it.

The objective of these first two days is to learn techniques that will help participants to harmonize their relationships with themselves, their fellow human beings, their surroundings, nature - their whole life.

During the whole workshop participants work with male and female energies; especially during 

the first two days they learn how to harmonize these energies and to utilize them as the alliance between them carries a greater power than each factor on its own.

Through the same principle they exchange their personal power in a ceremony called Karpay Ayni which is an initiation into the fourth level of consciousness, a kind of state that enables people to see reality as the reality is. Furthermore these two days also provide participants with a direct connection with the spiritual lineage of two great Inka kings. 

Inka Path 2

The central Inka path reveals aspects of a new way of handling relationships between people, nature, and the universe. These connections can be established by means of energy centers and bands of power; a powerful initiation in the two days that follow opens these sources of power.

Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado connect participants with their respective lineages and that of the Inkas.

They will then show how to use your energy centers and connections to harmonize energies between yourself and other people or entire groups. This knowledge can be helpful in establishing business relationships, encouraging friendships, or intensifying a romantic relationship. Participants will also learn to transform heavy energies from the past and fears of the future in order to increase their quality of life and live a self-determined life of joy and ease.

Inka Path 3

In the last two days of this Inka workshop, participants focus on the left side of the Inka path, which represents the magic and healing arts of the Inka religion.

First, you will select eight helpers according to specific criterias. You will then learn step by step to connect with the energy of these helpers and thereby expand your human skills. For instance, the helpers teach you to speak with power, perform love at will (munay) without the help of other people or to assess your individual strength very accurately in order to constantly expand it.

Inka Path 3 involves a lot of work with your own intuition, creativity, and the power of intention. The left path teaches you how to work with your own personal power, recognize your full potential and strengthen your power of manifestation.


18.10.2019 - 23.10.2019
early bird ends: 17.08.2019
registration deadline: 17.10.2019
DE – 38644 Goslar
fee: 350  315,- €
English (with German translation)

Inka Path 424.10.2019 - 25.10.2019
DE – 38644 Goslar
fees from 450 €

new date to be announced