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Hatun Karpay (right side)

The Hatun Karpay is a 10-day spiritual journey into the heart of the Inka region and the ancient Inkan culture. It is the original initiation into the Inka tradition and allows for a deep connection with the living energy of the universe. It consists of a cycle of initiations and rites that help participants to hone their spirituality and to discover and develop their personal power and their full potential.

The Hatun Karpay is an amazing journey with beautiful places and a great potential for transformation

Hatun Karpay means "Great Initiation" or "Great Transformation." This spiritual journey can also be described as a series of initiations and initiation experiences as practiced by the Inkas for many centuries and which their descendants, the Q'eros, still practice in the same, original manner today. In contrast to the Hatun Karpay (left side), in the Hatun Karpay (right side) the personal development process focuses on the male aspects, such as logic, knowledge, and order.


Participants in the Hatun Karpay (right side) first sow their Inka seed, which is symbolic for all their potential and their meaning of life. They then learn to make this seed and this potential germinate and blossom so as to develop their own life energy and potential and to harness this power for themselves. While doing so, they are being prepared for the next stage of their spiritual development.

The Hatun Karpay Paña was passed down to Juan Núñez del Prado in this form by his mentor and teacher, Don Benito Qoriwaman, and leads participants to Inka places of power and temple ruins, for example in Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Saqsaywaman, and Machu Picchu.

The Hatun Karpay ends in Cusco. Please keep this in mind when planning your onward journey or return flight.


Itinerary and program

Starting point:   Cusco

End point:          Cusco


Day 1
At 5 p.m., the group will meet in the hotel lobby for an exciting introductory conversation with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado, during which the two will provide background and basic knowledge about this spiritual journey and the initiation beginning the next day. Participants will also get to know each other and their roommates.

Day 2
We will start with a beautiful ceremony and then perform an ancient ritual in the sacred geographical center of the Andean region, the central cathedral of Cusco. This ritual will activate the Inka seed deep within us and initiate the process of spiritual growth. Afterwards, we will visit other sacred places in the Cusco region.

Day 3
We will travel to the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the original land of the Inkas. The rites performed here will enable us to encourage the Inka seed to germinate by connecting with the living energies of the sun, wind, earth, and water, and then water it, nourish it, and thereby allow it to grow.  

Day 4
We start early in the morning on a breathtaking train ride into the Machu Picchu region, where we will spend several days. After our arrival we will travel to the ruins by bus, where we will begin our day with the ceremony of blossoming.

Day 5
Mother Earth and the universal feminine aspect - on Day 4, we wil enjoy a refreshing hike in the mountains, down to the subtropical jungle that will lead us to the caves, where we will connect energetically with the female healing powers of the so-called "princesses" as well as Mother Earth and the underworld.

Day 6
We will climb the beautiful stairs carved by the Inkas up to the summit of one of the most famous mountains in the Andes. At first glance, this seems an impossible task, but thanks to the ingenuity of the Inka it is indeed possible - and easier than it looks. At the top we will shed our feminine sides in a special ritual and immerse ourselves in the new, pure, and fresh masculine energy of the male spirits of the mountains, which will activate our drive.

Day 7
This morning we will take it easy and sleep in. We will walk down to the Urubamba (the original name of this river is Wilkanust`a), to encounter the amazing power of the river and work with its consciousness. The river connects all ritual sites in the Andean region – from Cusco to Machu Picchu and the Wiraqocha temple. Afterwards, we will take the afternoon train back to Cusco.

Day 8
We will explore a famous temple which was built in a style that opened up towards the sky and the magnificent walls of which were once covered with pure gold so that it shone like a sun at the center of the city. This is the spiritual center of Cusco and the place where the Inkas honored the different religions of all nine ethnic groups that together formed the Inka empire.

Day 9
In a magnificent temple outside of Cusco we will get in touch with the female forces of the water: the maiden, the mother and the crone. Each of them communicates her own magic and wisdom to us.

Day 10
In one of the most important and most sacred Inka temples, we will perform the final coronation ritual of the Inkas by connecting with the historical lineage represented by the royal families of the Inkas. 

The Hatun Karpay officially closes in the late evening. Hotel rooms are booked for all participants for one more night.
Flights to any other destination may be chosen on the next day.

Day 11

Breakfast in the hotel, then check-out. 

Return flight/onward journey/own onward programm

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26.08.2019 - 05.09.2019
registration deadline: 26.07.2019
PE - Cusco
fee: 3.090,- €
English language

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DE – 38644 Goslar
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