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Hatun Karpay (left side)

The Hatun Karpay is a 10-day spiritual journey into the heart of the Inka region and the ancient Inkan culture. It is the original initiation into the Inka tradition and allows for a deep connection with the living energy of the universe. Translated it means something like "Great Initiation" or "Great Transformation." The Hatun Karpay consists of a cycle of initiations and rites that help participants to hone their spirituality and to discover and develop their personal power and their full potential.

It's amazing to connect in these sacred places with the mountain spirits and the energies of nature

In contrast to the Hatun Karpay (right side), the Hatun Karpay (left side) consists of a series of initiatory experiences to strengthen the feminine aspects of your own developmental process. This approach emphasizes the active development of your own intuition and inner perception to gain clarity and greater self-knowledge. The left side stands for the action-controlled side of this great initiation and supports participants in achieving externally visible results as an expression of their inner development.

During the Hatun Karpay (left side), participants work mainly with the energies of the water that teaches us how to live out our personal power with liveliness, flexibility, and compassion, which together form the "Great Initiation" or "Great Transformation." It takes place at the large, famous places of power of the Andes, including Machu Picchu, Moray, Saqsaywaman, or the Wiraqocha temple in Raqchi.

This spiritual journey is based on the knowledge of an important masters to Juan Núñez del Prado: Don Melchor Desa. This initiation connects participants with new places of power (which differ from many of those included in the Hatun Karpay (right side)) and teaches them techniques to develop their female selves.

On the left side of the Inka tradition, one works primarily with the energies of the water, which teach us how to live out our personal power with liveliness, flexibility, and compassion. This energetic process opens people up to a new power which, according to the Inka prophecy, is connected to the next higher level of human consciousness, the 5th level.

Itinerary and program

Starting point:  Cusco

End point:         Juliaca


Day 1
At 5 p.m., the group will meet in the hotel lobby for an introductory lecture by Juan and/or Ivan Núñez del Prado. Participants will acquire background and basic knowledge about the Inka religion, the Inka culture, and the initiation experience on which they are embarking. They will also get to know each other and their roommates.

Day 2
We will begin with a beautiful ceremony in which we will open ourselves to the power of the female spirit of Cusco and connect with the seven levels of the Andean path. We will then travel to an ancient Inka city to perform powerful water rituals and connect this place with Señor de Huanca's places of power.

Day 3
The next day will take us to an ancient site where we will receive the healing powers of the "Lord of healing." From there, we will travel to Pisaq to connect with the seven levels of the tradition with the help of the water.

Day 4
Today, we will pass through a series of ceremonies - rituals with the female center, which is connected with the power of wellbeing. We will then perform a ritual involving the powers of joy and partnership; the Anaconda, the symbol of personal power, the creative power of nature, and the powers of the lower world. In the Temple of Sayri Tupac we will connect with the powers of femininity.

Day 5
In the only Inka city that is still inhabited, we will experience ceremonies at the source of the princess of the water, the spring of Tawantin, the symbol of perfection, the spring of Yanantin (the alliance between the two sides of reality), and the spring of the condor and feel the continuity of the tradition. 

Day 6
With the help of Mother Earth, we will connect with our seven allies and with the seven elements of the Andean path. We will establish a connection to a female mountain spirit and the guardian of the knowledge of the Willka energy. Back in Cusco, we will connect with the image of a child which is now considered, a symbol of the power of Cusco.

Day 7
In the ruins of an ancient Inka palace and temple, which are now the site of an important church, we will release a lot of heavy energy utilizing our connections with the stone of Wiraqocha, the Virgin Mary, the Black Christ, and many other forces. This will be followed by an initiation into the power of the holy city of Cusco by connecting with the seven energy centers of the puma.

Day 8
In Machu Picchu, we will connect with the holy city of Machu Picchu and thereby harmonize the forces of the puma and the hummingbird, the symbol of Machu Picchu.

Day 9
In one of the largest and most important temples of the Inka tradition in South America, we will hold a ceremony with the seven princesses of the water and the Tawantin of the temple. This will be followed by the journey to Pucara and then to Puno on Lake Titicaca.

Day 10
At the Gate of the Anaconda, we will perform several rituals and ceremonies.

Day 11
We will complete our final exercises and ceremonies at the famous royal tombs and the underwater city of Humayu, concluding our initiation process - and thus the Hatun Karpay. We will then travel to Juliaca airport at around noon (12am)

Then: return flight/onward journey from Juliaca (located close to Lake Titicaca) 

new date to be announced
15.09.2019 - 25.09.2019
registration deadline: 15.08.2019
PE - Cusco
fee: 3.090,- €
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