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Hans-Martin Beck


Hans-Martin Beck first learned about energy work and alternative medicine in 2005. This brought about a fundamental and lasting change in his life within a short time. Six months later, he established his own coaching and energy healing practice, through which he still treats people today.

Every year he participates in workshops on the Inka tradition all over the world and undertakes pilgrimages and expeditions to Peru and the annual Inka conference. During the Hatun Karpay, a 10-day spiritual journey to the Inkas' ancient places of power he translates the statements and explanations of his teachers Elizabeth Jenkins, Juan Núñez del Prado, Ivan Núñez del Prado into German.

Since 2010 he himself, together with other experts of the Inka religion, has been organizing introductory workshops, master classes for advanced students, and lectures for those interested in this tradition in Germany.




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Hans-Martin Beck
Meeting with the Mountains 22.06.19 - 27.06.19 The Alpes Juan Núñez del Prado, Hans-Martin Beck 1380,- €
1280,- €

Practioners of the Inka tradition from all over the world gather in the Alps to connect with Mother Nature and the spirits of the mountains, glaciers & power places. Their goal is to development themselves and help others to do the same. Non-practitioners welcome!