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Elizabeth B. Jenkins


Elizabeth Jenkins has acquired her knowledge and her experience from various teachers over the course of many years. She has been organizing workshops all over the world for 20 years. Her workshops always focus on practical exercises and techniques used in the Inkan art of healing. She has a wonderful way of explaining and letting people understand why this tradition is called "nature mysticism". Elizabeth often includes Q'ero Indians in her seminars in order to allow participants to experience the authenticity of the Inka culture.

The U.S. American psychotherapist discovered her gift for moving energies early on and developed it for many years under the instruction of various masters in Peru, including Juan Núñez del Prado,, Don Manuel Q'ispe, Don Humberto Sonqo Q'espi and Doña Bernadina Apaza Flores. She has published three books on the subject, teaches on the Inka religion all over the world and eads groups to Peru for initiation journeys.

Watch this interesting, 5-minute interview with Elizabeth in which she talks about the Inka tradition and what she likes so much about it.


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