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Condor and hummingbird

This story from the Andes describes how it came about that the condor is still regarded as the king of the skies but has conceded its status as the primary spiritual messenger of heaven or as messenger of the upper world to the hummingbird – because after more than 5,000 years the hummingbird is the initiator, the key to the next stage of development of human consciousness.

It so happened once that the birds of the Andes wanted to choose a king. They gathered and each candidate came forward to describe what great skills he possessed, of what great benefit he could be to the community and why he should be elected king.  

The condor – king of the skies

Finally the condor spoke up and said: I'll be your king, because only I have the ability to fly to the very edge of the sky.  When the birds talked about appointing the condor as their king, the hummingbird suddenly said: I should be your new king, as I can not only fly to the edge of the sky, but far beyond to the center.

Since the birds of the Andes are pragmatic and anything but gullible, both candidates were first asked to prove that they could do what they had promised. However, since it was already too late for this contest and the children were hungry and waiting at home for their parents’ return, the birds postponed their decision to the next day. The next day, all the birds came together again and waited for the condor and the hummingbird – but only the condor appeared.  They waited a little while longer and finally decided that the condor should provide a demonstration of his skills before it got too late again.

So he took to the air and climbed higher and higher. Shortly before his wings gave in to exhaustion, he reached the edge of the sky. At this very moment, the hummingbird sprang himself from the condor’s plumage and flew toward the center of the upper world and the kingdom of heaven. Wiraqocha, as the metaphysical god of the Andes is called, is a gardener – and on that day he was in his garden, which is also located in the center of the upper world, tending to his plants. The hummingbird came rocketing through the sky, was unable to slow down in time, and collided with Wiraqocha.

The hummingbird - messenger of heaven

The moment he collided with the metaphysical god, he entered into an energetic connection with god; he merged with Him and has since been carrying the power of God.

The condor is therefore still the king of the air and is connected to the upper world, but the hummingbird is the carrier of new initiation. Unlike the condor, which eats carrion, the hummingbird feeds exclusively on nectar or light energy.

In the Inka religion there is a specific exercise that will help you to grow and bring to bloom a delicate plant within yourself, to become part of the garden of Wiraqocha. As soon as you are able to produce this sweet nectar from within, the hummingbird will seek your presence to drink from it. He thereby connects humans with the power of God and raises them to the fifth (and next) level of human consciousness and the process of human development.