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kundenstimmen Selma from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In this video Selma tells how she learned about the Andean tradition many years ago and that she first got in touch with the Andean tradition through the Hatun Karpay, a spiritual journey in which one connects with powerful places and beings. What she enjouys about the Inka religionand is that one can develop his or her consciousness ...

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kundenstimmenYanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru

The scholarly and personal odyssey of Dr. Hillary S. Webb, whose study of the indigenous Andean concept of yanantin or "complementary opposites" through the use of the mescaline cactus huachuma led to a personal and professional transformation.

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Book recommendation

kundenstimmenDearest Waiki: Love Letters to an Andean Mystic

Dearest Waiki, a collection of letters and stories is an intimate account of one woman’s spiritual journey. Markham's message is sometimes delightful, sometimes heartbreaking, and always uplifting. Underscored by deeply personal visions and dreams, Dearest Waiki creates an awareness of the many spiritual l...

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Inka Path 1-3 DE – 29459 Clenze
22.10. - 27.10.
Inka Path 4 DE – 29459 Clenze
28.10. - 30.10.
Inka Path 1-3 AT - 4085 Waldkirchen
10.02. - 15.02.
Inka Path 1-3 DE – 69482 Wald-Michelbach
18.02. - 23.02.
Inka Path 4 DE – 69482 Wald-Michelbach
24.02. - 26.02.

History of the Inkas

wissenswertThe Inca civilization developed after several other civilizations before, emerging around 1,000 AD and reaching its peak in the mid-16th Century. Those who lived in the Inkan empire, called Tawantinsuyu (“Four nations united”), enjoyed a general state of economic prosperity. It seems that this was possible due to a combination of pragmatism and spirituality, guided by an overarching principle that is still known in the Andes today as more »

About the Q’eros

wissenswertThe Q’eros are known as the keepers of the ancient knowledge and at the same time they are one of the most highly respected mystics in the southern and central Andes. They are indiginous priest, healers, shamans and simple farmers who have, preserved the knowledge of the spiritual tradition of the Inkas in a very pure form. Today a great deal is known about this último ayllu Inka, the so-called “last Inka community” and even Peru’s Minister of Culture once referred to the Q’eros as a “national, living cultural heritage.”read more »